Obsidian Clipper BETA

An unoffical Obsidian clipper for Chrome

This is an unofficial clipper for Obsidian that allows you to easily clip a selection to a note in Obsidian. Made by Joost Plattel. This plugin is available as open-source on Github.




Why do I need to approve https://jplattel.github.io/obsidian-clipper/clip.html to open Obsidian?
This is the redirect page that opens Obsidian with the right vault & note. You will only need to approve this once, further clips will use the same page and thus not require additional authorization.
How safe is this extension to use?
I'm not storing or receiving any details about the clippings you do. In case of doubt, find someone technical that can review the code and figure out if it's safe!
Why can't I install this via the normal Chrome plugin store?
This plugin uses a loophole to open the obsidian vault via a redirect to a page who does the redirect based on parameters. While this functionality is standard, the Chrome store surely wouldn't allow it.
Is there a firefox extension available as well!
Yup! But it needs some work to install, have a look at the readme.
Who made this and why?!
Well, I'm glad you asked! That would be me, Joost. As for why? I'd like to tinker around! Curious about more? Feel free to sign up to my monthly newsletter!
Want to support further development?
Feel free to support me through Ko-Fi.

by jplattel